We are pleased to inform a successful CPanel upgrade which contains the following change log and improvements

/scripts/restorepkg --force will now overwrite existing MySQL users and databases
/scripts/sysup created dangling symlink on MySQL 4+ systems
Accept a greater range of characters in the local part of a cPanel managed email address
Account Level Filtering was not propagated to domains/addons created after the filter
Add BrokenClientsCompatibility to Pure-FTPD configuration interface
Add TweakSetting to disable IP address validation of cookie logins
Add ability for cPHulk to send notification upon successful root login
Add autofixer to address strict zone checking issue with Bind update
Add check to /scripts/checkperlmodules to do a full install of modules if Cpanel::Class is not in @INC
Add configuration support for command+data encryption setting in Pure-FTPD 1.0.22+
Add confirmation to deleting IP aliases, including notification of alias restarts on Linux as a result of deleting leader IP aliases
Add cron job that will set mailman archive ownership for disk usage calculations
Add default virtualhost when first virtualhost is created on a shared IP address
Add detection of loop mounted filesystems to cpbackup and explicitly delete loop device after unmounting
Add lexicon import/export scripts
Add localization support for JSON API error messages
Add log-http-requests-postdata cpanel.config setting used for to specify logging of POST data to the requests log
Add logic to automatically fetch either domain or www.domain SSL files, with preference to user's form selection
Add mailbox_idle_check_interval setting to Dovecot configuration interface
Add maketext() support to API2 calls
Add missing security token for WHM remote MySQL setup
Add missing security token support to full backup download link
Add support for handling cpmove files on read-only media
Add support for increasing the maximum number of open files limit on FreeBSD
Add support for ipaliases to /scripts/restartsrv
Add support for setting interval between email response messages when autoresponder is configured
Add support for showing custom RBLs in the 'Visualize ACLs' display
Add support in Cpanel::Locale to fallback to a known language when an unknown language is specified for an account
Added /scripts/clear_orphaned_virtfs_mounts
Added /scripts/mailman_chown_archives to chown Mailman disk archives to account that owns the mailing list
Added /scripts/reset_mail_quotas_to_sane_values
Added /usr/local/cpanel/bin/optimizefs to disable atime on select files and directories
Added API2 commands for genkey, gencsr, and uploadcrt
Added API2 function for getting the current locale's encoding/charset
Added API2 tag <?cptt> to use TT template instead of inline cpanel template for formatting
Added DNS cluster setting to automatically disable cluster members which repeatedly fail to respond to DNS commands
Added Email Routing Selection to MX Editor/Entry
Added Email Routing selection to Create a New Account
Added Email Routing selection to Edit DNS Zone
Added IMAP_EMPTYTRASH to Courier configuration editor
Added PHPMyAdmin 3 support
Added QUICKZONEADD to dnsadmin to add a zone and reconfigure BIND in a single call
Added Simple and Advanced DNS Zone editors to cPanel
Added Tweak Setting to configure length of time between name server restarts initiated by dnsadmin
Added Tweak Setting to perform IP address validation in session cookie
Added Tweak Setting to require referrer be set
Added Tweak Setting to require security token
Added XML API, setsiteip, and command line tool to change site IP
Added XML-API Commands: setresellernameservers, servicestatus, configureservice, acctcounts, domainusers, unsuspendresellers, editquota
Added a Remote Service IPs editor
Added a blank referrer check
Added ability for /scripts/fixperlscript to detect and correct more than a single problem in a script
Added ability to define custom MIME types for cpsrvd
Added ability to reset a DNS Zone in the WHM interface
Added account limits to accountsummary XML-API call
Added an optional parameter, disallowun, to suspendacct XMLAPI for disallowing unsuspending of a suspended account by resellers
Added bandwidthlimit and diskquota fields to resellerstats XML-API output
Added bin/rebuildbwrrd to restore bandwidth RRD files from the text summary files
Added cPAddon support for Vendor fields without a URL
Added check to DNS Cluster Configuration interface to disable notification
Added common MPM directives to Apache Global Configuration editor
Added cphulk.log to list of logs to rotate
Added editor for modifying various Apache related templates
Added error handling for zone template fetching
Added field for seting bandwidth processing interval in Statistics Software Configuration interface
Added field validation to Create a New Account interface
Added getresellerips xml-api function
Added more verbose message if no loopback file is found during installation of XEN kernels
Added new MySQL Upgrade interface
Added new XML-API calls: getzonerecord,addzonerecord,editzonerecord,suspendreseller,setresellerips,setresllermainip,setresellerpackagelimit,setresellerlimits
Added note to EXIM config editor indicating that ** denotes new configuration options
Added option to allow caller to select the keys returned from calls to the accountsummary and  listaccts XML API calls
Added password_base64 configuration variable support to cPAddon
Added rate limiting support to Auto Responder replies
Added scrollbars to cPAddon moderation pop-up window
Added security tweak setting to require SSL for all remote cPanel/WHM/Webmail connections
Added separate API2 functions for email contact information and notification preferences
Added severity level to messages logged by Tailwatchd
Added status and status messages in MX Editor in cPanel
Added support for 'hordeadmins' to update-horde
Added support for custom MIME types in cpsrvd
Added support for theme and branding in PK Zip format
Added support for triggering event handlers to all API1 execution paths.
Added support to /scripts/clear_orphaned_virtfs_mounts for forcing umount of virtfs mounts for all accounts regardless of jailshell state
Added suspended time in XML-API listaccts output
Added tcp_wrappers-devel to sysup
Added three new API2 commands for manipulating SSL; gencrt, uploadkey, and installssl.
Added timestamps to cpdavd and to more of the output from cpanellogd
Added tweak setting to use CPAN::SQLite to reduce memory overhead for CPAN usage
Added tweak setting to use Crypt rather than MD5 passwords in htpasswd files
Added update notification preferences feature
Added user name to jailshell process entry
Address issues with WHM navigation breadcrumb URLs
Address issues with homedir streaming during express account transfers
Address spurious error messages from pkgacct where unreadable files were not properly ignored
Adjust DNS zone reset logic to continue with reset if previous zone file data can not be fetched from the DNS cluster
Adjust handling of /etc/profile when enabling/disabling shell fork bomb protection
Adjust initquotas warning regarding jailshell to call /scripts/clear_orphaned_virtfs_mounts with '--clearall' flag
Adjust issue with command line processing in checkperlmodules that might prevent installation of Locales Perl module
Adjust logic for determining the number of running Ruby Rails applications
Adjust logic to create symlinks to system installed Locales Perl module for cPanel/WHM binaries
Adjust package script matching to avoid spurious 'already installed' matches on FreeBSD
Adjusted Exim configuration to allow a single Exim process to listen on multiple ports
Adjusted message displayed when Apache restarts are disabled by EasyApache
Allow Contactus::isenabled in webmail
Allow Exim configuration to save settings that are not part of the default tweak settings (like custom RBLs)
Allow MySQL to be installed from packages on 64bit FreeBSD
Allow PostgreSQL virtual users to see databases owned by cPanel account when logged into PHPPgAdmin
Allow authenticated mail from localhost to bypass BoxTrapper whitelist check
Allow logging of missing locale keys to be configurable on a per user basis. Logging is off by default.
Allow specifying quota when using /scripts/addpop
Allow use of empty SSH pass phrases during account transfer
Always install Ruby from ports on FreeBSD
Assign Main IPs to Reseller using list obtained from ifconfig rather than /etc/ips
Auto-detect remote product version for account transfers
Automatically create 'maildirfolder' file when creating folders under Courier.
Automatically fix authProg symlink during courierup
Automatically remove broken installation of Freetype libraries, headers and binaries
Backup restoration parent process should die if the child tar process is killed or dies
Break out WHM Security Center into Security section
Bug 4090: Allow uncompressed backups
Bug 4850: Delete all associated bandwidth files upon account termination
Bug 553: Added header to CSV generated by Fetch CSV in List Accounts
Bug 6119: Added tweak setting to include database disk space in disk usage calculations
Bug 6400: Allow creating forwarder to default address
Bug 7949, 8365: Preserve Pure-FTPd SSL Certificate while updating
Bug 8117: Value for Day was not being provided when requesting Bandwidth report
Bug 8257: Updated Squirrelmail to 1.4.17
Bug 8485: Single quotes were removed from Rewrite Rule URLs
Bug 8689: Use 'all' to display all accounts in List Accounts
Bug 8705: Process Trusted Host ACLs before RBL ACLs
Bug 8761: Incorrect domain names were used in the Mailman welcome message
Bug 9037: Clarify forged HELO note in EXIM config editor
Bug 9097: Report that the A record will be used when no MX records exist
Bug 9173: Frontpage extensions break after transfers due to the ownership of _vti_pvt being improperly configured
Bug 9629: Distinguish between Shared and Dedicated IP addresses in the listips XML-API call
Bug 9661: Allow domain owner login override to work properly with Courier
CVE 2009-0642: Ruby - Improper return value checking
Change Compress::Zlib hold back to 2.015
Change IO::Compress::* hold back to 2.015
Change account suspended redirect to stay within same domain for correct branding
Change dnsuniqid syntax of multi-step dnsadmin commands to work properly with queue system
Changed /scripts/pkgacct to display location of cpmove file after creating the archive
Changed /scripts/pythonup to install to /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty to prevent conflicts with system Python
Changed Annual bandwidth report to display last 12 months rather than being Year To Date
Changed bandwidth graph generation to convey accurate date
Changed bin/rormgr to not fork with account has no Rails applications installed
Changed how /scripts/ensure_vhost_includes regenerates httpd.conf
Changed log processing interval to hours, rather than days, in Tweak Settings and Statistics Software Configuration interface
Changed the 'Show Reseller Accounts' report to show all resellers regardless of how many accounts they have
Changed to print cycle time in hours instead of days on Raw Access Log screen
Changed transfer process to perform DNS Zone changes after account is fully restored
Check DNS Cluster during account creation for existence of zone
Check account ownership before allowing resellers to install SSL Certificates
Check boxtrapper whitelist before checking for self-addressed email to allow for whitelisting own email address
Check exit running status of BIND after restart
Check for timeouts on all remote dnsadmin commands
Clarified interface title from "Change a User or Database Password" to "Change MySQL User Password"
Clean up symlinks associated with a dedicated IP address when terminating an account
Cleanup /home/virtfs when changing from Jailshell shell in WHM >> Account Functions >> Manage Shell Access
Cleanup RRD bandwidth databases upon account termination
Cleanup expired sessions every 12 minutes
Cleanup unserviceable locale language files
Clear quota cache when /scripts/fixquotas and /scripts/initquotas are run
Clenaup /home/virtfs when termianting an account
Conserve memory during DNS synchronization by sending Zones in batches
Contact Email field in List Accounts was not properly decoding & and '
Correct email validation for contact email and contact pager
Correct issues with access log archiving and log processing
Correct problems with leftover 0-length files in domlogs
Corrected standard X3 footer comment for mozilla compatability
Corrected the ownership of counters file counters after a transfer
Corrected tracking of bandwidth data rates
Corrected usage info for xferpoint
Create init scripts for Ruby on Rails when it is installed
Create text summary bandwidth data files in three different time resolutions
Decode HTML Form variables before sending in support emails
Default API version to 2 when version is not specified
Default to using MD5 passwords in htpasswd files
Delete bandwidth files upon account termination
Delete cpmove archive on source server when transfer fails
Detect and report incorrect SSH key passphrase during Transfer login
Detect kvm virtual environment properly
Detect whether PostgreSQL is active before attempting to package user databases
Disable Dovecot authenticator in EXIM when mail services are disabled
Disable chkservd auth checks against Pure-FTPd when TLS is enforced on Command channel
Disable keepalives in proxied connections ( e.g. whm.example.com ) for Apache bug 48037
Disallow IP addresses as MX records
Disallow spaces in passwords
Disallow zone transfers by default after rebuilding named.conf
Discard RRD data older than 10 years
Display global feature lists when modifying packages
Display meaningful error when httpd.conf fails syntax check during SSL cert install
Display proper message in bin/unregister_cpanelplugin when uninstalling plugin
Display proper path of Perl installation in the CPAN Module installer
Display short hostname in title in WHM
Distribute Locale module with build
Don't require session cookie for HTTP AUTH connections when referrer checks are disabled
Don't send notifications for DNS peers that are not enabled in the cluster
Dropped all support for Neomail
Dropped neomail from TweakSettings
Email filters with multiple rules would fail to update when modifying a rule
Email quotas exceeding 2 GB will be treated as unlimited due to limitations in Courier and Exim
Enable password lookups in Exim configuration files
Ensure FTP record is updated to proper IP address during transfer
Ensure PostgreSQL database count is returned as '0' when Not a Number is detected
Ensure all stored versions of 2 GB email quota have one byte subtracted
Ensure backup error messages are properly retained when backup is executed via cPanel
Ensure deleted languages are removed from the language cache
Ensure no modified 3rdparty/etc/php.ini is published
Ensure only resellers can download branding packages
Ensure passwords are not HTML encoded when received from a web form
Ensure python-devel is installed on Linux systems
Ensure rndc.key and rndc.conf are owned by user 'named'
Ensure suspension status is always output when calling resellerstats via XML-API
Ensure userdata is properly conserved during transfers
Ensure wildcard domains are allowed for SSL Certificate installation
Exclude /proc, /dev, /sysfs from disk space calculations
Exclude unnecessary directories from the RoR import scanner
Exclude wildcard domains from list of domains used for parked domain targets
Execution of /usr/local/cpanel/bin/register_hooks now required when adding new hooks
Explicitly install libX11-devel.x86_64 package on 64bit systems
FTP backup fails silently if remote server is unreachable
Fall back to manual BIND restart when init script restart fails
Feature Manager entries now sorted
Fix bug with command line options preventing specification of dedicated IP when restoring accounts
Fix fixetchosts to preserve order, remove duplicates, and always ensure hostname and short hostname are set to the main IP of the server
Fix improper form variable usage resulting in inability to set Bandmin password
Fix issue with Rails failing to start applications set to load on boot
Fix output formatting in WHM root MySQL password change interface
Fix performance problem in byteslog backups.
Fix timeouts of dnsadmin quickzoneaddremote commands
Fixed CVS Email Import to handle all allowable characters in an email address
Fixed DEMO mode editor breadcrumbs
Fixed FTP access to access logs
Fixed Javascript error in Change Root Password interface in WHM
Fixed Mail.app auto setup on new leopard/newer version of leopard
Fixed NSD init script incompatability with chroot configuration
Fixed Optimize Website error on page
Fixed Ruby On Rails Redirects to now redirect
Fixed broken headers on language editor
Fixed broken links in the WHM Theme Manager Addon themes
Fixed condition that caused erroneous "Sorry, the given email address is invalid" message when importing email accounts via CSV
Fixed displaying of hidden files (i.e. 'dot' files) in language listings
Fixed handling of HTTP transactions without content-length header
Fixed incorrect argument being passed to /scripts/legacypostkillacct when terminating an account
Fixed incorrect parameter displayed in rebuild_phpconf's help output
Fixed issue in Manage Shell Access interface that prevented re-enabling normal shell access
Fixed issue that prevent listaccts XML-API call from being used by resellers
Fixed issue that prevented Delete button from working Disk Usage interface
Fixed issues related to InnoDB, Routines and data safety when modifying the username using Modify an Account
Fixed listing of user added Apache handlers
Fixed missing header in Change a Site's IP Address interface
Fixed parsing of API1 tags with 0 arguments
Fixed problem that prevented users' with dedicated IP addresses from removing their SSL VHosts
Fixed problem with Frontpage extensions breaking after transfers due to ownership of _vti_pvt being improperly configured
Fixed problem with being able to create a routine in MySQL, but not being able to execute it
Fixed problem with login theme downloads and Tidy
Fixed problem with wredirect sending requests to /cpanel rather than /webmail
Fixed regular expression typo in /scripts/installruby that prevented upgrades
Fixed some typos
Fixed text field alignment on login form
Fixed typo in Server Info interface
Fixed typo in Webmail login message
Fixed typo in an API call that prevent Rails applications from being restarted
Fixed validation of email address used for auto responder to prevent illegal characters
Fixed various icon display issues for IE
Fixed various problems with Copy Account with Account Password
Fixed warnings related to Apache restarts
Frontpage credentials are now updated when account name is modified during transfer
Frontpage credentials were not updated when account name is modified during transfer
Gracefully reset all child processes when cpsrvd is sent SIGHUP
Have destination server's package limits take precedence over those defined on the source server
Have fixmailman execute check_perms
Implement support for token based bypassing of XSRF checks when referrer will not be passed by browser with request.
Implemented auto-login for PHPPgAdmin
Improved /scripts/mailperm output when chown and chmod use is impossible
Improved ACL checks in XML-APIR to allow use by Resellers
Improved BoxTrapper header parser to understand multiline headers
Improved Create a New Account interface
Improved Exim syntax output when building exim.conf
Improved FTP installer to detect broken SSL certificates
Improved Handling of zone template errors so they do not encounter an infinite loop when a template variable is not used
Improved IMAP IDLE for systems using Dovecot
Improved Manage Shell Accesss interface to allow management of all users at once
Improved SSL Certificate installation
Improved Signal handling in cPHulk to reduce unpredictable behavior
Improved Xen virtualization check for FreeBSD guests
Improved ability for Resellers to change their default nameservers
Improved ability for rrdinstaller to install on older systems
Improved accuracy of service checks performed by the RestsrtSrv system
Improved cPHulkd responsiveness during DoS attack
Improved cPanel load time for resellers with large numbers of accounts
Improved clarity of error messages in Apache Global Configuration interface
Improved clarity of unprocessed Eximstats SQL message when starting Tailwatch
Improved cpsrvd handling of large file uploads
Improved detection of HVM systems on newer versions of XenServer
Improved detection of slow query log setting when using sqloptimizer
Improved internal CGI and PHP handlers when served via SSL
Improved load time of cPanel and WHM
Improved memory usage for cPanel logger
Improved mobile agent detection for cpsrvd and branding
Improved mxcheck Email Routing capabilities
Improved performance when moving large files with the File Manager
Improved the Fetch CSV function in List Accounts to include every field listed
Improved usability and design of the Change WHM Theme interface
Include Domain Keys files in account backup
Include non-cPanel Locale in account backup
Inhibit dumping an error message to screen during hotlink protection checking if .htaccess simply doesn't exist.
Install correct version of pureauth on FreeBSD in /scripts/ftpup
Install user gem executable as 'gem' rather than 'gem18' on FreeBSD
Integrated phpPgAdmin similar to phpMyAdmin
Invalidate the bandwidth cache when changing package values
Language cache was not updated when .local file changed
Leave /etc/exim.conf in place during eximup
Leave cpmove file in place after account restoration
Limit MySQL DB user to 16 characters. MySQL would silently truncate longer names prior to MySQl 5.1
Limit Resellers to parking domains on domains they own
Limit file system usage checks to 5 minute intervals
Limit number of open files held by Tailwatch
Limit redundant bandwidth notification emails
Log processing will now stop, rather than pause, when blackout hours occur
MX Editor updates correct zone file when modifying sub-domains that lack a dedicated zone
Made BoxTrapper always accept mail from trusted transports if the user is not on the ignore or black lists
Made streaming transfers session aware
Make /scripts/rrdtoolinstall a symlink to /usr/local/cpanel/bin/rrdtoolinstall
Make /scripts/updateuserdomains perform a full rebuild when it is updated
Make /scripts/userdirctl more tolerant of variations in userdir syntax
Make certain that a timestamp of 0 does not display bandwidth pie chart
Make the error message more obvious when a Tailwatch driver fails to load
Migrate users of the X and X2 themes to the X branding package of the X3 theme
Missing mail directory structure caused spurious error message in Exim logs
Modify SSL install routines to never create 'www.' virtualhosts while still conserving the certificate domain information provided.
Monitor cpanellogd using chkservd
Moved unmounting of backup disk to after postcpbackup in /scripts/cpbackup
New Default Web page template
New Tweak Setting: Maximum time in seconds that the system is permitted to spend fetching diskusage and quota information before it considers the data unavailable.
New icons in WHM secondary pages
Notify server admin when DNS Cluster peer is unreachable
Notify system admin when /var is too small to contain RRD data files
Numerous WHM x theme changes (work in progress)
Numerous fixes and updates for Cpanel::Locale language system migration
Obtaining a list of MySQL users would cause database privileges be updated
Optimize mail quota lookup at smtp time to avoid Perl startup
Optimized API2 sorting of large datasets
Optimized account creation speed
Optimized hook API lookups
Optimized loading of Reseller Center to prevent JavaScript from blocking
Output alert during build_locale_databases for language files that are not mappable to ISO locale codes
Package the XML version of bandwidth data as the binary version is platform specific
Pass on errors reported by usermod/pw in Manage Wheel Group users within WHM
Patch Freetype to build on systems with older versions of GNU make
Preserve exim configuration and revert to preserved version when syntax check fails
Preserve hostname when configuratin cluster relationship to allow for proper display of trust paths
Prevent build_locale_databases from being running multiple times concurrently
Prevent creating domains with successive dots ( e.g. example.....com )
Prevent local hostname from appearing in accounts that are sub domains of the hostname
Prevent plugin file Windows line endings from breaking plugin registration
Prevent recursion into mail, tmp and dot home directory subdirectories by update_php_mime_types
Prevent running of Rails applications when in Demo mode
Prevent search engines from indexing login pages
Prevent setting of values to 0 in Pure-FTPd Configuration where 0 is not allowed
Prevent spurious error messages when updating file quotas on some systems
Prevent spurious errors on email validation for multiple accounts
Prevent the use of user names that could be potentially be required for cPanel managed services
Prevent unnecessary queueing of commands for disabled hosts
Prevent use of 'tmp', 'cur' and 'new' as Maildir delivery destinations when creating a filter
Prevent use of spaces in passwords when creating FTP accounts
Prevent using Modify an Account from changing domain name to a wildcard domain
Prevent vps_optimizer from installing Perl if 'allowperlupdates' is turned on
Prevent xml-api from stacking two errors resulting in invalid xml
Properly handle missing graphics when bandwidth RRD files for a requested domain do not exist
Properly report an error when attempting to add a forwarder with an invalid email address
Provide better error messages when adding email forwarder fails
Provide deletion function for WHM SSL Manager
Provide easier account mapping when migrating from Ensim
Provide error message when attempting to extract from an unsupported archive in the File Manager
Put cursor focus on username field on webmail login form
Queue /scripts/runweblog requests that occur during removal of addon domains
Queue Apache restarts in TweakSettings
Quote suspension reason when passing to /scripts/suspendacct to preserve spaces
Re-add support for reseller WHM News
Recreate Frontpage configuration files for Sub and Addon domains after transfer
Reduce cpanel startup time, cpsrvd connection loop time and cphulkd transaction time
Reduce the number of apache restarts caused by cpanellogd
Reduced Apache restarts triggered by log processing to no more than 3
Reduced Courier and Dovecot authentication engine memory usage and startup time
Reduced cPHulkd memory usage
Reduced memory usage of named.conf parser
Refactored update-horde as a Perl script
Reload Chkservd configuration at the beginning of each check so that changes made via WHM, CLI, etc always work as expected
Reload chkservd.conf at the beginning of each check
Remove Certificates, Keys and CABundles from /etc/ssl when removing an SSL Virtual Host
Remove Contact link from X3 when Customer Contact is disabled
Remove Create Database function from PHPMyAdmin
Remove RRD data files untracked domains and for domains without bytes_logs
Remove Zone Load check from named init script
Remove all appropriate /var/cpanel/bandwidth files upon account termination
Remove display of 'Hit enter...' message during mailing list creation
Remove linking against libcrypt.so on BSD
Remove redundant HUP of cpsrvd when applying Tweak Settings
Remove setuid bit from suphp binary when not in use
Remove the legacy cppop POP3 entry from Service Manager when Maildir is enabled
Remove the logic that transformed invalid subdomains into valid ones
Remove unnecessary manipulation of Apache Options setting on account suspension
Remove user from /etc/nocgiusers and /etc/quota.conf when account is terminated
Remove wildcard bandwidth files upon account termination
Removed "nouserbackupwarn" in TweakSetting
Removed /scripts/bandwidth
Removed /scripts/fixpop
Removed /scripts/mailman212
Removed /scripts/pkgacct2
Removed /scripts/updatemysqlquota
Removed <li> bullets that were outside of the validation YUI panel
Removed HTML markup error from displaying on screen
Removed MySQL Version selection from Tweak Settings
Removed RC4+RSA from non-email cipher lists
Removed Tweak Setting "Automatically setup /etc/localdomains, /etc/remotedomains, /etc/secondarymx based on where the mx entry is pointed." as that system is replaced by the Email Routing system
Removed call to /scripts/kernelcheck in /scripts/upcp
Removed call to /scripts/mailscannerupdate from /scripts/eximup
Removed calls to /scripts/grpck
Removed compat3x from sysup
Removed condition that caused a PostgreSQL Role Error during account creation
Removed dependency on /etc/ips for the Change a Site's IP Address function
Removed incorrect DPNewPass from brazilian-portuguese-utf8
Removed installzendopt-freebsd
Removed misleading warnings from the PostgreSQL restoration output
Removed obsolete scripts relating to install/uninstall of MySQL 4.1
Removed obsolete scripts/fixmysqlbsd
Removed redundant home direcotry streaming checks that produced un-necessary errors
Removed trackbandwidth router as bandwidth tracking is handled by eximstats
Removed unnecessary &nbsp; which caused off-center check boxes in Tweak Settings
Removed usage of /scripts/installcpbsdpkg from /scripts/ftpup
Renamed 'Edit a Language' to 'Edit a Lexicon'
Renamed WHM Security section to Security Center
Replaced cPanel MX Editor with JSON-enhanced editor
Replaced language system with Cpanel::Locale
Replaced legacy language editor with lexicon editor
Report and delete corrupt GDBM files
Report correct protocol when error is encountered during home directory streaming
Report created certificate as 'saved' rather than 'installed' when creating a SSL Certificate in the SSL/TLS Manager
Report database creation failure in the X3 interface
Report skipping portions of backup when feature is disabled
Reseller login override is now separate from root override and replaced with TweakSetting disallowrootloginoverride
Resellers will be transferred first, when transferring multiple accounts
Reset FreeBSD package cache when FTP server is updated
Reset quota for clamav user to prevent failures updating virus definition data
Resolve EDGE-only issue with Zone records not being updated after transfer
Resolve IP change issues for transfers initiated with DNS changes
Resolve compatibility issue with WebDisk and Snow Leopard
Resolve compatibility issue with WebDisk and Windows Vista
Resolve conditions causing 'grep: writing output: Broken pipe' on FreeBSD systems
Resolve issue where Addon Domains would not be properly restored
Resolve issue where Dovecot/Courier SSL Certificate fail to update after Hostname/MailServer changes
Resolve issue where failure to connect to SQL server would result in a '1' database count
Resolve issue with "post" responses to CustomEventHandler missing the dataref
Resolve issue with Roundcube configuration errors after a forced update
Resolve issue with fetching SSL certificate information for "www." domains in SSL installation interfaces
Resolve issue with mail authentication and webmail
Resolve issue with updating .htaccess files that lack a trailing new line
Resolve issues calculating interval between root login notifications
Resolve issues preventing transfer of accounts with "-" in user names
Resolve issues with --force on restorepkg
Resolve problems enabling and disabling shell fork bomb protection under FreeBSD
Resolve problems with zone file parsing of DNS labels and sub domain MX records
Resolve several issues preventing proper function of branding of the x and x2 themes
Resolve several issues with handling of wildcard sub domains
Resolve spurious errors with Locale system
Resolve various errors with /scripts/restorepkg --force
Resolved Multi Account Transfer UI problem with Internet Explorer
Resolved authentication issue between Exim and cPHulkd
Resolved compatibility issue when certain Perl versions that prevented Exim authentication when using Courier
Resolved display error in Service Status
Resolved error in Tweak Settings output when setting disk_usage_include_sqldbs
Resolved issue that caused /var/cpanel/rollback.conf to be filled with duplicate entries
Resolved issue that left the redirect version of .htaccess in place when unsuspending an account
Resolved issue that prevented domain restoration during account transfer when a wildcard domain was present
Resolved issue that prevented quotas being displayed in List Accounts in the quota cache was missing
Resolved issue that prevented quotas being displayed in WHM on Virtuozzo
Resolved issue that resulted in an erroneous error message when changing password in webmail interface
Resolved issue with IP Deny Manager updating .htaccess when the account's primary domain is a subdomain of the hostname
Resolved issue with IP Usage not accounting for unallocated IP Addresses
Resolved issue with PHPPgAdmin displaying all databases when using PostgreSQL 7.4
Resolved issue with PostgreSQL users being granted inadequate permissions on tables
Resolved issue with cPAddons obtaining the contact email in moderation mode
Resolved issue with creating user's cPAddons moderation directory
Resolved issue with defaultwebpage.cgi being able to read /etc/trueuserowners
Resolved issue with displaying cPAddon moderation requests in WHM
Resolved issue with displaying wrong domain for account in List Accounts
Resolved issue with express transfer not updating zones for addon and parked domains
Resolved issue with improper values being stored in wwwacct.conf.shadow
Resolved issue with missing template file in Change a Site's IP Address interface
Resolved issue with over-eager onfocus Javascript handling of the Username field in Create a New Account
Resolved issue with sending email from the command line in jailshell
Resolved issue with stopping MySQL on FreeBSD via /scripts/restartsrv_mysql --stop
Resolved issue with subdomain domain documents failing to restore when the document root contains the username
Resolved issue with the default wildcard redirects causing a loop condition
Resolved issue with transferring accounts with email addresses with local part consisting solely of 0
Resolved issues with added Auto Responders and Forwarders via the Webmail interface
Resolved library linking problems with GDBM_File
Resolved logic error that prevented domains like 0.example.com from appearing in the cPanel Sub Domains interface
Resolved mailing list accounting error that occurred on accounts with wildcard subdomains
Resolved minor sorting issues with List Accounts
Resolved ownership conflict when restoring accounts with domains that are already owned by other accounts
Resolved race condition when obtaining MySQL version number
Restart FTP server when conf file is updated by one-time fixup
Restart cPHulkd when settings are changed
Restore ability to upload legacy language files
Restored use of /etc/rrdtooldisable as a way of preventing creation of RRD data files
Restoring accounts on FreeBSD would not place the cron tabs in the proper location
Retain up to 10 years worth of bandwidth data
Reuse dnsuniqid with queued dnsadmin requests
Revert .htaccess of Addon and Sub Domains to non-suspended version during transfer
Run /scripts/mailperm as background process during eximup
Run updatephpmyadmin during mysqlup
Sanitize domain input to remove space characters when creating subdomains
Selecting 'Does not match' for email filter action did not set the appropriate Exim rule
Send priority 3 notification when encountering long-lived zero length lock file
Service Manager UI improved, separating Tailwatch into own section
Services now stopped and checked for running state using restartsrv scripts
Set "UseDNS no" in sshd_config when cPHulkd is enabled
Set restored account quota after transferring account to resolve issues restoring user data for accounts over file quotas
Setup pg_hba.conf during PostgreSQL install to allow local logins
Skip bandwidth processing for domains with no bytes_logs
Skip nameserver restart when no changes are made during dnsadmin removezone(s) commands
Solved a problem with enabling the auto spam delete function in cpanel
Solved problem with being unable to login to mail after suspending and unsuspending accounts
Split tailwatchd process handling into libexec/tailwatchd and the remained into libexec/tailwatch/tailwatchd
Store all EXIM configuration settings so that unselected options are not marked as new on future runs of the configuration editor
Store user locale settings for transfers and backups
Strip newlines from shell field when caching /etc/passwd
Supply special environment variable needed to make SQL::Statement Perl module
Support for MySQL 5.1
Suppress spurious output from PostgreSQL and MySQL when terminating an account
Suppress unnecessary error output from optimizefs
Suspend chkservd monitoring while switching nameserver
Switch to next cPanel update mirror when current mirror is locked more than 30 times
Systems that use Cpanel::Logger ( e.g. Tailwatch ) now log in local time with a UTC offset
Timout idle keep-alive connections after 10 minutes
Transfer system now detects when origin or destination servers run low on disk space
Turn off PHP processing engine for subsequent requests in keepalive
Update 'Referrer Safety' and 'Referrer Blank Safety' tweaksetting notes to indicate that cookies are required when these options are enabled
Update /scripts directory before updating CPAN to facilitate downgrades
Update /scripts/checkperlmodules to give a final report of which modules failed to install/update
Update Cpanel::Cron backend module used for cPanel manipulation of cron jobs
Update Cpanel::TaskQueue to 0.3
Update Dovecot templates for 1.2
Update IP addresses in the proxy sub-domain virtualhost during a transfer
Update MySQL procedure and function definers when changing username during a transfer
Update WHM 'Statistics Language Configuration' to 'Application Locale Configuration' for Locale support
Update automatic repair in restartsrv_named to address strict zone checking issue with Bind update
Update improper Tweak Setting name: XSRF Tokens -> Security Tokens
Updated /scripts/checkperlmodules to ensure GDBM_File is installed
Updated /scripts/generate_maildirsize to obey 2GB-1byte maildir quota size limitation
Updated /scripts/pkgacct tar error code handling to ignore exit codes generated when archiving an unreadable file
Updated /scripts/restartsrv_httpd to observe the apache_update_no_restart setting
Updated /scripts/securemysql to use datadir from /etc/my.cnf if defined
Updated Cpanel::SimpleSync to resolve bugs and add error reporting and better verification of files in need of syncing.
Updated DNS queue runner to test and re-enable disabled cluster members
Updated PHPMyAdmin 2 to 2.11.10
Updated Squirrelmail to 1.4.19
Updated WHM Icons
Updated clamav scanning, replacing the deprecated --disable-summary flag with --no-summary
Updated favicon.ico
Updated glib to 2.20.0
Updated mobile theme
Updated usage of zone templates during account creation to display errors properly
Updated version to 11.25.0
Upgraded Mailman to 2.1.12
Upgraded Roundcube to 0.3-stable
Use IP list obtained from ifconfig for setting the main IP for resellers
Use Reseller's nameservers for transferred accounts if reseller exists on the destination server
Use UTF-8 for emails sent via WHM
Use actual disk usage when determining whether to reuse a UID during account creation
Use cached value when performing WHM version look-ups in dnsadmin
Use calendar_id to retrieve kronolith data during backup
Use gmake when installing RRD Tool on older FreeBSD systems
Use md5 passwords by default in cPanel managed Apache htaccess files
Use proper configuration setting when calculating bandwidth processing interval in Statistics Software Configuration interface
Use proper spacing in Exim's daemon_smtp_ports and tls_on_connect_ports options
VPS Optimizer will no longer restart cPanel
Validate IP address of all cookie based logins
Validity checks are now done for imported forwarders
Various fixes for cPanel live language editor mode
When logged in to WHM via SSL, do not show Insecure link redirecting to non-SSL session
When normalizing email usernames, don't create multiple @ characters
When prompted to over write files in the file manager, an incorrect time stamp was displayed
XML-API accountsummary returned OK status on non-existent account
XML-API modifyacct now allows modifying individual settings
XML-API passwd function now requires the user name parameter
cPHulkd did not de-register authenticated logins resulting in multiple successful logins being counted as a brute-force attack
cpbackup did not backup the cron tabs during the system-level backup on FreeBSD
pkgacct neglects to archive custom apache userdata files for add-on domains
rsyslog and syslog are now mutually exclusive options in Service Manager

Thursday, December 17, 2009

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