I am pleased to announce a major milestone for WHMCS - the release of Version 4.0!

This release introduces multi-currency support for WHMCS which allows you to offer your products & services & accept payments in multiple currencies concurrently. Other new features include the ability to setup recurring agreements for a set number of occurences, custom recurring amounts without products, apply refunds to invoices and automated refunds with more gateways, support for multiple attachments per ticket reply and much more...

Major change highlights:

  • Multi-currency support including ability to set prices in each currency, auto update currency rates via cron, option to set per gateway if passed actual amount or converted to a specific currency for processing, financial report updates

  • Billable items which enable adding of entries to bill with future invoices, on future dates or recur on custom cycles for preset time periods

  • Ability to force the generation of an invoice for a products renewal due outside of the invoice date range

  • Refund entry ability for all invoices regardless of whether the gateway module supports it with option to run gateway module automation if available

  • Enhanced admin order process to show custom field & configurable option values for selected product during order removing the extra step to configure later

  • Ability to add a transaction where payment amount applies to multiple invoices

  • Ability to setup and assign clients to groups which differentiate clients in lists and allow applying of blanket discounts to all orders by users of that group and to override auto suspensions/terminations

  • Option to skip fraud check for existing clients with an already active order thereby always allowing additional orders through

  • Support Ticket Escalation Rules

  • Ability to generate an invoice or add a billing item when replying to a support ticket in order to bill for work carried out

  • Support for multiple attachments per support ticket reply

  • Ability to assign knowledgebase articles to multiple categories

  • Admin area templated header/footer with ability to set template per admin

  • New and improved action hook functionality with more hook points and flexibility for distributing hooks as independent files

  • Batch PDF invoice download generator with criteria of client, date range & status

  • Added cPanel module setting to setup ns1 & ns2 nameservers for reseller accounts automatically

  • Update to cPanel configurable package addon to support automated upgrades & downgrades of options

  • Enhanced HyperVM module to retrieve IP during setup and store into a custom field for use in email templates and client area display

  • Added setting to cpanel module to allow auto prefixing of server username to packages allowing automation across multiple reseller account servers using the same packages

  • Enhanced PayPal module to include additional products, addons & domains in recurring subscription amount

  • Auto release module included by default for auto activation of products with no module

  • Added security questions to allow proving identity of client accounts

  • Added password strength testing to all client area password fields with the ability to set a minimum required level for acceptance

  • Mobile edition update with more stats, interface updates and functionality for managing customer products/services on the move

  • New modules: VirtualMin, Gate2Shop, LibertyReserve, PayJunction, SecurePay AU, WorldPay XML, TransIP

For a full list of new features see http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?t=19143

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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