Again, we have found anomaly and phishing content on multiple account holders which keeps on abusing the Yvez hosting platform. Those accounts are under investigation and temporarily suspended. For us to continue investigation while not being affected by the overloaded CPU resources to make the investigation process faster as well. Other accounts had been suspended for the time being.

Contents like these are purely against our terms and considered as deliberate on shared hosting platform. We receive negative feedbacks from complainants and upstream provider due to IP-based abuse that these phishing files/content contains.

We would fairly get back on this. We hope for your continued understanding and patience on this. Thank you


Selective investigation on selected sites are being done and released. Kindly check. Again, apology for delays on this as completion work is in progress.

Updates: 55% of affected  accounts had been cleared for investigatory check and upstream clearance. These selected and cleared sites should already be reachable. We thank you for your continued patience and understanding on this.

Tainted dedicated IP changed and migrated to Would reload service affected by change. Kindly standby for less than a minute on service reload.

Friday, June 12, 2015

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