We are to modify all our Linux OS to higher and better version. This would require renaming of server hosts and adding new IPs as required. Downtime is not expected but only a few seconds of hiccup due to restarting of major services once upgrade/update had been done and shifted.

Hostnames are affected somehow and IP reputation as well due to few abusive accounts exists. These would be addressed and taken care of with further assistance on higher upstream provider. No downtime is expected but possible hiccups covering a few seconds as well in terms of BGP routes along the way.

If you are business operation at shared hosting environment, we highly suggest dedicated and VPS plans on receiving dedicated resources as well.

Migration had begun

Update II:
Migration successful.

Update III:
Domains of affected hosting platform should be pointed to server IP should your domains were not purchased from us.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

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