There would be an emergency maintenance with VIENZEH due to failing RAID configuration.

This would occur by 1AM  July 08 205. We would try to avoid any unexpected downtime as we go through investigation of the said hardware. Apology for inconvenience caused.

We would update you on this posts. Thank you for your patience on this.

Due to acquisition of RCHosting, we have begun upgrading NS2 DNS server and have a change of switch port that can cater more DNS requests. This requires a new DNS IP change

New IP for DNS2


Critical change on Vienzeh, we would do the needful to migrate it if need be, should hardware difficulties persists

We are removing RVSIteBuilder and RVSitebackup due to security issues.

6Scan Cpanel feature might be removed as well

IP reputation of affected shared hosting platform had been affected. Resolution being deployed
Backup cycles and configurations are delayed/affected/stopped when needed for CPU resource requirements of operation
Selected name servers IP were affected. Resolution is on going for new IP acquisition

New IP sets for resolution as deployed
Backups for shared had been stopped.

Monday, July 7, 2014

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