It is very clear that Cpanel account holders sitting on VIENZEH server are simply taking orders to abuse our shared hosting server, causing high serer loads, email spamming and phishing content intentionally and thus, leading to abusive user trying to increase instability to server and decrease hosting reliability.

In due, we are decreasing the load of the server so we could have better and faster response time to quickly look at the logs while accounts are suspended state. This process, would hold off suspicious, illegal and against TOS Cpanel account holders. and decrease load time for faster log checks and all file scans for phishing content as well and lastly, for holding off  spammer/bots causing high loads.

Apology for inconveniece caused as we tend to remove accounts that should not be even being hosted with us, in order to serve you better.


Our apology, we have to do the needful to stabilize and take control of the server by limiting accounts sitting on that shared hosting account. We have to investigate each hosting account  holder and thousand of lines bombing/spamming/abusing the server by all means and take control so we can globally allow access to each accounts one by one as required.

Please bear with us as ETA on this is intermittent yet. Thank you

We appreciate your understainding for this case while this is being resolved and investigated. We continue to scan all data content of shared account holders as there is no ETA yet while we do this.

We would like to inform you that if you have Cpanel backup of your hosting account at your end, we can create a NEW hosting account on another shared hosting platform so that you can upload your backup copy on that one. We can then update the needed DNS changes immediately to point to new IP of your NEW hosting account, while the OLD hosting account is intact and being investigated/scanned. We are sorry for inconvenience caused as we tend to apply penalty on abusive shared hosting account holders currently found on this case. Please bear with us. Thank you.


Good standing accounts had been unsuspended. Those who remain suspended should create ticket for further advise. Those who wish to move out from VIENZEH to DRAWER or to YVEZ (newest acquired server) , please create ticket and kindly make a request.
Moving out would change the IP where your domain/s sit and will require us to point your domain/s to new IP should you decide to move out of VIENZEH. Those who still decide to go for VPS option, please bump up your ticket. We are also providing separate email hosting to segregate your website hosting services to email hosting services for some who opted for that service already.

We apologize for inconvenience caused. We highly suggest for you to download your latest full cpanel backup to your PC as well.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

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