We have recently found more DDOS attacks targeted at shared IP address of VIENZEH hosting platform. These are currently being handled and monitor, we apologize for this inconvenience. Because of this, to maintain security, stability and control, accounts being attacked were suspended.

Please keep in mind we offered much leniency and cooperation on these, in allowing time and resources to secure our hosting platform. However, as this has turned into a recurring dramatic issue making the server unstable and insecure with poor output service performance to serve your hosting account, we have decided to minimize negative impact as an overall benefit. As the event unfolds, we would keep you updated.


Due to security and server stability, we have unsuspended all affected hosting accounts under VIENZEH platform. We have changed the Cpanel passwords as well, please refer to your inbox for the new Cpanel passwords. If you did not received this from your inbox or bulk folder, please create a separate ticket requesting for the new Cpanel passwords.

If your account is suspended, please create a new ticket and let us know of your domain and the IP address you would use to resolve the issue. You can view your IP from http://vertito.com/ip.php

If your account is unsuspended and you cannot login to your Cpanel, please create a new ticket requesting for a randomly generated Cpanel password.

It is important that you login into your Cpanel and USE 6SCAN of every hosting accounts that you have sitting on VIENZEH hosting platform. Afterwards, make a screenshot of the results and submit it to for us within 3 days in order for those accounts to remain unsuspended due to server-wide attacks and vulnerability scans.

We suggest to update all Wordpress entities including version, plugins and addons. This can be done via Cpanel Softaculous and Wordpress panel inside your hosting accounts if you are using Wordpress CMS.

Apology if this had caused inconvenience for you as we tend to implement a more secure individual cpanel hosting accounts and environment platform.

PLEASE revert back to us with screenshots of those hosting accounts showing a clean result from using 6Scan via Cpanel. We are sorry if we have disturbed you about this but we wanted to maintain a higher security level of data content of each hosting accounts sitting on that hosting platform due to massive attacks and suspicious phishing content that the platform had received. This is on top of selected hosting accounts using weak passwords that had not been changed for quite some time.

If you think we had re-solved your issues, please take a time to post a review at http://goo.gl/DBOuJk

If anything remains unclear, if you require additional assistance, or if this was not the solution you were looking for, please don't hesitate to update this ticket accordingly.

Senior Customer Support

Friday, June 13, 2014

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