A few days ago, one of our partner datacenters notified us of a mandatory and impending physical move which would have affected the server VERTITO.ORG. Such a move would have caused 10+ hours of downtime for all users of the specific server. As a result, we chose to do an emergency migration to our newest facility without downtime. However, such a change requires an IP change for the server (and your sites). Please note that we've also forwarded the old IPs to the new server as well, so you should not have noticed any issues regardless.

This notification is for your account having domain vertito.org. The new server details are as follows -

Server Main IP:
Server Shared IP:

Nameservers for this server did not change. However, if you have custom nameservers or if you are not using the DNS supplied with your hosting account, please change your A records to the IP address mentioned above (shared IP). If you have a dedicated IP, your new dedicated IP will be emailed to you. Once again, please note that nearly a 100% of this migration would have been done without affecting your site. IPs are forwarded and you should not need to wait for any dns propagation. If you do however encounter any issues, please reply to this email so that we can quickly take a look and resolve the issue for you.

Thank you, Server Betterment Team

Friday, March 28, 2014

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