We would start migration for all clients sitting on the server Sharpie to a new, better, stronger server Plug. We are proud to offer this top of the line, industry leading, configuration to the long-time clients on the Sharpie server. Benefits of the move include:

  1. The new server features a RAID SSD array for MySQL and OS partitions. This allows for the fastest possible access to your databases, files, and more.
  2. Redundant 10 Gig hookups allowing for the least amount of network disruption possible in case of attacks or abuse.
  3. The new server has three times the amount of ram than the older server. This would allow further caching of IO which is generally the bottle neck on shared hosting services.

We look forward to helping you out in making the move as painless as possible. Please remember we are doing this for the overall betterment of services and the improved network and performance of your hosting account.

NOTE: As the data transfer is resource intensive operation so you may experience slightly sluggish performance during the migration. We understand that this might be troublesome and we look forward to helping you out in making the move as painless as possible.

We will update the forums and send migration completion notice once the migration is completed. We will also setup traffic forwarding to forward all requests reaching old server Sharpie to new server Plug during DNS propagation.

We will update this announcement as the work progress.

Thank you


Update: The new shared IP for the outphased old SHARPIE server is, and it is now called PLUG server

Friday, October 26, 2012

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