Please be advise that VIENZEH platform should be carrying the new IP as the old one IP had being phased out, as per recent upgrade announcement dated April 27 2012.


Vienzeh Updates:

Memory had been upgraded from 12GB to 50GB

Disk Space capacity had  been doubled

CPU cores from 12 to 16

The above were successful. If you are having issues reaching your site, please be advised to flush your browser's cache and restart your browser. There are some ISPs that takes time for the DNS updates to receive, so please bear with us as it would take a coupld more hours to receive the DNS updates.


Update II:

We are doing our best to make the DNS propagation faster to reach your ISP and your area. On the other hand, if you cannot browse your website from your end, you can check website (USA based proxy) to reach your website while DNS updates are not reaching your ISP servers yet, this is confirm that your websites were immediately turned online as soon as the old IP was phased out. Apology for inconvenience caused.


Update III: May 09 2012

We will reboot VIENZEH hosting platform, would take maximum 3 to 5 minutes to stabilize updates and security settings.


Friday, May 4, 2012

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